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      3. Create excellent environment for all walks of life
        Create excellent environment for all walks of life
        Create excellent environment for all walks of life


        Industrial and Public Construction

        On the basis of a core technological system and a variety of products, Shenling mainly specializes in the fields of precise, special, high-tech and cutting-edge products, provides customized products and services for clients based on their specific demands, and commits itself to providing AI-based integrated and vertical solutions for the industrial process production and research environment, professional and special application environment, as well as high-end indoor environment of public buildings.

        ICT Data Center

        With the advent of 5G, all industries have seen a soaring demand of data and information, accompanied by the increasingly prominent contradiction between high-temperature application and energy consumption. Facing this, Shenling applies itself to the data center-based innovation and R&D of refrigeration and heat dissipation technologies and is able to provide reliable and applicable refrigeration and heat dissipation solutions that are energy efficient for data center construction based on specific environments, in an effort to boost the development of the national information and communication technology.

        VOCs and Sludge Treatment

        Along with the all-sided initiation of the national fight against pollution are the environmental protection technologies and technical equipment at different levels. Grounded on years of environmental regulation experience and core technologies, Shenling has made breakthroughs in VOCs and sludge treatment technologies and equipment, thereby providing clients with customized and integrated solutions based on different application scenarios and contributing to the nationwide movement of energy conservation and emission reduction.

        High-end Public Buildings

        Shenling provides green, environmentally friendly, energy saving and reliable artificial environment solutions for high-end commercial and public buildings. Products are widely used in domestic and foreign commercial real estate, exhibition centers, sports centers, commercial buildings, commercial theater, star hotels and other places.


        Shenling has become a modern company integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing services engineering installation, operation and maintenance, as well as an expert in the three areas of industrial and public construction, ICT Data Center, VOCs and sludge treatment to provide integrated and vertical solutions related to environmental regulation for clients all over the world.

        Shenling is dedicated to providing suitable and overall vertical solutions for environmental regulation that meet application requirements based on different special application scenes of customers.

        Shenling has started its path to digital construction since 2016 and has realized data onboarding in the factory from the design end to the workshop level, meeting the requirements of product customization, high reliability, fast response, high efficiency and low cost.


        20 +
        International & National awards
        10 +
        Professional Certifications

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